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The George Sanders Touch: Even More Fabulous When He Sings

Reposting so we can all sing Happy Birthday to George Sanders — while he sings love songs to us!!

Sister Celluloid

Need a little warmth to soothe you through those chilly nights? Wrap yourself in The George Sanders Touch….. Songs for the Lovely Lady.

He had me at the over-long ellipses…


And you needn’t be content just to gaze at the cover of this hard-to-find album, where a slightly sleepy George, who always wakes up in a dinner jacket, slyly hands you a… carnation. (Can’t you just hear him at the photo shoot? “A single red carnation? Really? For God’s sake I give roses to the lovely lady who delivers my laundry!”)

Every song is right here…

One number simply flows into the next—you don’t even have to get up to turn the album over! (You can also buy this in MP3 format from a number of sources, including Amazon UK, but then you don’t get the fabulous visual of George.)

“To the millions of motion picture fans around the world, George Sanders exemplifies nothing so much…

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