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Welcome to the very first Sister Celluloid’s Streaming Saturday—a new feature bringing you a free fabulous film every weekend!

Have you ever wandered on over to YouTube in search of a particular title and then made the mistake of glancing at all the other free movies scrolling down the side of the page? And suddenly, your work is left undone, your house is still a mess, and your family is pitifully neglected? Me too. There are tons of public domain movies out there. (And don’t get me started on the days—okay, fine, years—I’ve spent chain-watching celebrity episodes of What’s My Line?)

Starting today, I’ll be posting a free film right here every week on Sister Celluloid.

We’re kicking things off with Lured, a nifty 1947 potboiler starring Lucille Ball and George Sanders. (Who apparently had a fling during filming. And if they hadn’t, I’d have absolutely no respect for either one of them.) Rounding out the cast are Sir Cedric Hardwicke; Charles Coburn, who manages to seem English without, thank God, ever attempting an accent; the ever-dastardly Joseph Calleia; Boris Karloff, gleefully sending up his horror image; George Zucco, in a witty turn as, of all things, a policeman; and Alan Mowbray, who makes me giddy every time I see him. (Sometimes I actually let out a little yelp when he suddenly appears.)

ball-sanders-lured-2 ball-sanders-lured-1

One of Douglas Sirk’s earlier American films, all his hallmarks are lavishly displayed: gorgeous style, subversive wit, and a super-strong female lead. The gaspingly gorgeous Ball plays a London taxi dancer who goes undercover for Scotland Yard after her best friend is murdered by a Jack the Ripper-like serial killer.

Hoping to lure the madman into pursuing her, she encounters a veritable parade of creeps. She also runs into Sanders, a local nightclub owner who’s such a cad (surprise!) that he flirts with one woman on the phone while holding another in his arms. (And gets away with it. Because… George Sanders.)

karloff-lured mowbray-lured

Okay, that’s all I’m gonna tell you, kids! Here’s the film. Enjoy! And be sure to come back every week for another edition of Streaming Saturdays!!



  1. Vienna

    What a great idea. Thanks. Will look forward to your choices. LURED is a good one to start with.
    As you say, once on You Tube, it’s hard to stop.

  2. What a fun idea and what a fabulous choice! We just finished watching it. Of course, I love all those actors! Can’t wait to see what you come up with next weekend! LOL! 😀

  3. I have sooo many YT movie links saved haha. Looks like I’ll have to add this one to my list too!!

    Just wanted to invite you to my first Blogathon!!!! Here’s the link – Hope you can join!!! 🙂

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