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TINTYPE TUESDAY: Autumn in Hollywood

Don’t look now, but what’s that coming around the corner?


It’s… it’s… autumn! (At least in this hemisphere.) So let’s kick it off with a few of our favorite ladies decked out in their best reds, oranges, yellows and golds.

Happy Autumn to my classic film family of friends! And remember: there’s a pumpkin out there with your name on it…

tumblr_mh09czEe0T1qjp4z6o1_500 sis-autumn-18
monroe-andrededienis1945 sis-autumn-12
sis-autumn-8 sis-autumn-1
garland-2 sis-autumn-10
sis-autumn-15 sis-autumn-5
sis-autumn-4 goddard
dog-stanwyck-hideanuncharacteristicallyhideousblouse kelly-poodleoliver-weimeranerpresentfrombrother-ussconstitutionboundformonaco1956
turner sis-autumn-2

TINTYPE TUESDAY is a weekly feature on Sister Celluloid, with fabulous classic movie pix (and often a bit of backstory!) to help you make it to Hump Day! For previous editions, just click here—and why not bookmark the page, to make sure you never miss a week?


  1. betty

    I love all the photos, but especially the one of Maureen O’Hara in The Quiet Man. I love that movie, and love her in it. May I say how much I love visiting your site, visiting it makes my ‘classic movie’ heart beat a little faster.

    • Thank you so much, Betty! You’re awfully kind and that means a lot to me!

  2. betty

    P.S. No pictures of Cary Grant and/or Priscilla Lane in Arsenic and Old Lace? Another great fall/Halloween movie.

    • I was going for color and non-movie stills! But I hope you liked it anyway! 🙂

  3. betty

    You’re more than welcome. And yes, I loved the colour photos that you chose to post.


  4. I’m loving this! Granted, it probably won’t feel like fall for another month or two where I am, but these are helping me get into the autumnal mood quite nicely.

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