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Monthly Archives: August, 2015

Ingrid Bergman and Cary Grant: An “Indiscreet” Friendship

“A kiss could last three seconds. We just kissed each other and talked, leaned away and kissed each other again. Then the telephone came between us, then we moved to the other side of the telephone. So it was a kiss which opened and closed; but the censors couldn’t and didn’t cut the scene because …

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Here’s to Margaret Dumont—Who Always Got the Joke

“I’m not a stooge, I’m a straight lady—the best in Hollywood. There is an art to playing the straight role. You must build up your man but never top him, never steal the laughs.” — Margaret Dumont in 1937, discussing A Day at the Races, her fifth of seven films with the Marx Brothers. Take that, …

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Step into John Barrymore’s Secret Hideaway, as Magical as the Man Himself

Settle in, my dears, and prick up your ears. The tale I have to tell you may be the most John Barrymore-esque story ever. And it has absolutely nothing to do with alcohol. In 1917, the 35-year-old actor was not yet a legend but was fast on his way, relying less on his exquisite looks …

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At the Capitolfest, Mickey Rooney Mixes It Up with Cowboys in MY PAL, THE KING

Have you ever wished you could watch a 1930s movie in the 1930s? I kinda had that chance last weekend at CapitolFest, a weekend of silent films and early talkies screened at the old Capitol Theatre in Rome, N.Y. The 1788-seat movie palace looks much as it did when these films first flickered to life on its …

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