Well, hello there! I’m Janet, also known as Sister Celluloid. This site is lovingly devoted to all things classic film and the people who are as crazy about them as I am. If you’ve ever spouted old-movie dialogue at the breakfast table, wished life really were a musical, or fallen in love with someone who left this world years or even decades before you were born, pull up a chair and come sit here by me. And welcome home!

I’ve been a journalist and editor for a quarter-century, and look forward to bringing that to bear on my movie writing. Want to email me? I’d love to hear from you! It’s sistercelluloidwebsite@gmail.com.

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  2. Hi, Janet! I was looking for info on Ann Blyth and came across your blog on here! How I wish that I had been there to sing Happy Birthday to her with you! I performed The Desert Song with her, Richard Fredricks, Richard White (Gaston in the animated version of Beauty and the Beast!), and… Alan Sues back in 1979 and was going through old programs and wanted to contact her and thank her for the privilege of singing with her! She STILL looks great! Great website and renewed memories!!! Many, many thanks!

    1. Wow so lucky to have worked with her, Kevin! I’m glad I could rekindle those memories. And thank you for the kind words!!

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