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What’s Your “Green Eggs and Ham” Movie?

Has there ever been a movie you’ve avoided every time it was on, sure it wasn’t your cup of tea, and then bam! You finally watched it and fell in love?

It happened to me recently with Lassie Come Home. For some silly reason I always thought it would be a bit on the clichéd and maudlin side, so although it was on pretty much constantly, I managed to sidestep it every time. For decades. And the weirdest part is I love dogs to pieces. I’ve had them all my life. And I’m on the board of directors of my local animal sanctuary.

Well the last time it was on, I sat down and watched it. Afterward, as I mopped the tears from my face, one thought ran through my mind:

What the hell was wrong with me all these years?

macdowall-lassie-lassiecomehome-1 macdowall-lassie-lassiecomehome

I mean you’ve got the beautiful, soulful Lassie, played by an amazing collie named Pal, and to say he seems almost human is frankly an insult to dogs. He’s absolutely transcendent. Add a supporting cast of Donald Crisp, Elsa Lanchester, Nigel Bruce, Dame May Whitty and Edmund Gwenn, any of whom I would hang out with any time, anywhere, in any movie. And of course Roddy McDowall and Elizabeth Taylor, two of the oldest souls ever seen on film. Okay I really need to say it again:

What the hell was wrong with me?

My only real gripe is that at in one scene, a small, beloved dog is killed, which pretty much made the next few minutes a total sobfest for me, so don’t ask me to recount that part of the plot. Also I couldn’t understand how Joe’s parents could sell his dog in the first place, since my parents would have moved us all into a storage locker before they would have sent my dog away. Of course if Joe’s folks hadn’t sold Lassie, there would have been no storyline, so there’s that.

Anyway, here’s my question: What’s your “Green Eggs and Ham” movie? What movie did you finally watch after avoiding for years, and fall in love (or at least in like) with? Please let us know in Comments!

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  1. Mine was the 1938 version of DAWN PATROL. While I still think the 1930 version is far better, I can at least get the Flynn version down.

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