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50 Classic Film Scenes in Black and White: The Original Fifty Shades of Grey

Had enough of the hype surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey, which has now made the transition from the page to the screen, much the way an awful cold might progress into pneumonia?

Wondering why a dreadful hack writer seems to think she invented sex? And let’s not even talk about the shameless worship of expensive stuff, which, let’s face it, is really what the whole thing’s about. If the book were less high-finance and more downmarket—say, Fifty Shades of Greyhound—the two lead characters would be the creepy pervs all the other bus passengers were desperate to get away from, even if it meant sitting by the stinky bathroom.

So let’s you and me get outta here and head back to a simpler time… and a way sexier one.

Slip out of those starchy clothes…

…and get nice and comfy…


…and slink slowly, sinfully and sensationally into fifty classic-film shots in glorious black and white: the original Fifty Shades of Grey.

sis-sexy-2 - Copy sis-sexy-9
sis-sexy-32 sis-sexy-31
sis-sexy-36 sis-sexy-41
sis-sexy-52 sis-sexy-50
sis-sexy-60 sis-sexy-45
sis-sexy-56 sis-sexy-46
sis-sexy-29 sis-sexy-17
CT  CTH design for living0001.jpg sis-sexy-40
sis-sexy-20 HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME, THE (1939)
sis-sexy-55 sis-sexy-11
sis-sexy-14 Platinum Blonde (1931)  Directed by Frank Capra
sis-sexy-4 - Copy sis-sexy-3 - Copy
sis-sexy-16 sis-sexy-1 - Copy
sis-sexy-43 sis-sexy-5 - Copy
sis-sexy-13 sis-sexy-21
sis-sexy-51 sis-sexy-38
sis-sexy-57 sis-sexy-48
sis-sexy-53 sis-sexy-49
sis-sexy-39 sis-sexy-28sis-sexy-8
sis-sexy-7 sis-sexy-62
sis-sexy-76 sis-sexy-66
sis-sexy-65 sis-sexy-61
sis-sexy-73 sis-sexy-78
sis-sexy-64 sis-sexy-24sis-sexy-71

Hey is it hot in here or is it the classic films?


  1. Brilliant! Kudos for the great selection of scenes.

  2. Vienna

    Terrific images!

  3. Yes to Madeleine Carroll taking her stocking off! Still hot!!

  4. This is probably the best thing I will see on the Internet all week. Brilliant choices!

  5. BRAVO! My sentiments exactly. Less is more, people…unless it’s Burt Lancaster with his shirt off.

  6. Much, MUCH better. 😀

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