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Grab Your Classic Movie Valentine’s Day Card Here!

Happy Valentine’s Day and lots of love to my classic film family of friends!

Still looking for that perfect card, or maybe—gasp—you forgot the big day was today? Feel free to grab one of these, created just for you.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have found love or are still searching for it, I hope your day is a lovely one.

valentines-day-mccrea valentines-huston-astor valentines-hepburn-fonda valentines-howard-johnson valentines-garson-olivier valentines-bogart-grahame valentines-oberon-olivier valentines-grant-bergman valentines-colin


  1. So many beautiful ways to say it. Thank you and Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours. May Linus rest gently in your hearts today.

    • Thank you so much, Elayne!! Happy Valentine’s Day to you, Bill and all your family. Linus is definitely in our hearts. On this day every year I used to sing “My Funny Weinerdog” to him. ❤

  2. I thought they were all perfect until I reached the last card and that is the mostest perfectest of them all!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!

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