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Please Join Us for the “Contrary to Popular Opinion” Blogathon!

Update: The blogathon has arrived! For the latest news, head over here! Bloggers, please put the links to your articles in the Comments section of this post or the new, updated post. Readers, click over to the new post for hotlinks to the articles as they come in! 

If you love a classic movie, performer or director that most fans and critics dismiss, or if you’ve had it up to here listening to praise for someone or something you simply can’t stand, then come sit here by us! This event, co-hosted by Sister Celluloid and Movies Silently, is about expressing opinions that are liable to get your Classic Movie Fan card revoked. We just figure if we do it together, they can’t kick all of us out.
contrary-blogathon-10 contrary-blogathon-9

This isn’t about plugging obscure movies or people, though heaven knows we’ve all got a few of those up our sleeves. And it’s not about quibbling over who or what deserved an Oscar, or complaining that a good film is nevertheless overexposed. Yes, we know, none of us ever needs to see another Casablanca coffee mug—but if you genuinely loathe the movie itself, then go to town!

And this has nothing to do with loving movies that are so bad, they’re good. It’s about believing with all your heart that something that’s considered bad actually is good—or, on the other hand, toppling a beloved film or figure from the pedestal. (For instance, Fritzi is is leaping to the much-maligned Cecil B. DeMille’s defense with a review of The Godless Girl, and Janet is seeing many shades of Jungle Red over The Women.)
contrary-blogathon-8 contrary-blogathon-7

So go ahead! Say Guy Madison never got the acting props he deserved. Or that Louise Brooks sets your teeth on edge. Praise Cimarron to the skies. Heckle Bambi. Give Kitten with a Whip the critical raves it’s been denied.

Many of you may already know exactly what you want to write about. But if you need a few ideas, here are the movies AFI considers to be the Top 100 of all time. Now, c’mon, people, join us out on that limb—there’s room for everybody! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
contrary-blogathon-6 contrary-blogathon-5

A few ground rules

We’re focusing on movies made before 1970 and performers and directors who did most or all of their work before then.
No reruns. Please don’t send us a link to a post you’ve previously published.
When: January 17 and 18, 2015

What you need to do: Just tell us your movie, performer or director of choice.

Once your choice is accepted, grab a banner, create a link to this post out of it, and display it proudly on your site!

When you write your post, please include one of the banners at the top or the bottom, with a link to the blogathon post I’ll be putting up here at Sister Celluloid on January 16, which will be updated as entries pour in on January 17 and 18. And add this brief description: “This post is part of the Contrary to Popular Opinion Blogathon, where we set the consensus on its head by defending a maligned film, performer or director or toppling a beloved one!”

We will not be assigning days, so post your review on either day. Then, after you’ve posted, copy the URL into the comments section of the post I’ll be publishing on January 16, and I’ll put your link into the post. Easy!

contrary-blogathon-4 contrary-blogathon-3

Here’s the roster so far:

Sister Celluloid    The Women (anti)

Movies Silently   The Godless Girl (pro)

Critica Retro Marilyn Monroe (anti)

Girls Do Film Federico Fellini (anti)

Moon in Gemini Jezebel (anti)

Hitchcock’s World  Desk Set (anti)

Silent-ology Pandora’s Box (anti)

The Movie Rat Song of the South (pro)

Now Voyaging Dr. Zhivago (anti)

Cary Grant Won’t Eat You Some Like It Hot (anti)

Movie Movie Blog Blog  Monsieur Verdoux (anti)

Vienna’s Classic Hollywood The Train Robbers (pro)

The All Things Kevyn Entertainment Network Lawrence of Arabia (anti)

Silver Screenings The Postman Always Rings Twice (anti)

Writer’s Rest  Arsenic and Old Lace (pro)

Classic Reel Girl The Band Wagon (anti)

Speakeasy Kiss Me Deadly (anti)

Caftan Woman Christmas in Connecticut (anti)

Mildred’s Fatburgers Best Foot Forward  (pro)

MovieFanFare Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1941 (pro)

CJC Leach Gone With the Wind (anti)

Margaret Perry  Doris Day (anti)

Second Sight Cinema Stella Dallas (anti)

Pettibloggery  The Night They Raided Minsky’s (pro)



  1. Vienna

    Great idea. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about The Women. Be kind !
    I ‘ d like to take part and will let you know soon.

    • I’m so happy you’re joining us!! As for The Women, let’s just say I love the women in The Women but not The Women!!

  2. Could I take the against on Federico Fellini please? I think he just about fits in your date frame… 😉

    • Absolutely! You’ve got him, doll! I’m so happy you’re joining us!

  3. Okay, I’ve got a few possibilities but I’ve definitely got some frustrations I can vent on the 1957 movie “Desk Set”. I was told to let you know so you could add me to the roster.

  4. I think I will go with anti-Pandora’s Box (1929), although I may change my mind since my attempts to watch Pandora’s Box are constantly interrupted by my falling asleep.

    • Oh thank God, I thought it was just me!! See? The blogathon hasn’t even started yet and already at least one person feels less alone!! 🙂

      • 😀 So many people rave (and I do mean RAVE) about this film. Some say it’s one of top 5 greatest silent films ever, for Pete’s sake. Now, I’ve watched a wide variety of ponderous artsy silents with great interest…but with Pandora’s Box…well…let’s just say every time I began to feel a bit of hope that it was finally over, “Part 3” or “Part 4” would start. *cue the Darth Vader “NOOOOOO”*

        I would also like to extend an invitation to join my Buster Keaton blogathon in February, which I just announced today. Would be glad to have ya! 🙂

      • Oh wow, I will be there!! I just need to come up with a topic. Thank you for the invite! What a great idea!!

  5. I’m going to mock the ridiculously popular Gone With The Wind. I may be suicidal. 😉

    • If I didn’t have to watch the movie again, I’d have loved to do “Gone with the Wind.” Can’t abide by that movie.

  6. Can I do Some Like It Hot? Not a fan:) Leah

    • Oh yeah baby!! It’s the only Billy Wilder movie I don’t like. I look forward to your take on it!! Also let me know how you like I’ll Be Seeing You…

  7. So glad I’m not alone! I usually love him too. I’ll let you know. Thanks for the rec:) Leah

  8. I want in on your blogathon! Let me do Chaplin’s “Monsieur Verdoux,” please. My blog is at:

    • You’re in, Steve! I love Chaplin but this is not one of my favorites either…

  9. Vienna

    I’d like to defend the John Wayne western THE TRAIN ROBBERS.

    • You’ve got it, love! So happy to see another “for” come in; we were really racking up the “againsts”!! 🙂

  10. Can I join in on the fun and mayhem? I would love the opportunity to knock Lawrence of Arabia down a notch or two…or most of David Lean actually, but I’ll stick with Lawrence.

    All Things Kevyn

    • You’re in, Kevin! Though if you said you wanted to knock down Brief Encounter, I would have had to whap you upside the head… 🙂

  11. Hey, I thought of my movie: I will write in defense of that delicious farce, ARSENIC AND OLD LACE. And Cary Grant’s performance.

  12. What a great idea for a blog-a-thon! Would love to participate–just haven’t thought of the movie yet (kicking around a couple of ideas). Count me in! =)

  13. Okay, done kicking. 😉 Would like to argue that *The Band Wagon* is not as great as many (including Leo Maltin and Roger Ebert) believe it to be.

    • You’re on, Bonnie! I’ll add you this week!

  14. I’m afraid I have to back out of this blogathon. I was to write about 2001, but I have been sick (still am) and won’t be able to give it the attention it needs. Very very sorry.

    • Sorry to hear you can’t make it, but I’m sorrier to hear that you’re sick! Get well soon! ❤

  15. A month later, and I just noticed your request. “Patricia, do you think you could maybe expand on the Paul Lukas piece, make it more of a broader appreciation of an underappreciated actor? I’m just trying to avoid Oscar quibbling in this blogathon as I think it will narrow the focus too much. Let me know! I would love your take on Paul!!”

    I choose the topic specifically to write about my fondness for Paul Lukas with the hook being the backlash his award often receives. I hope you find this suitable for the blogathon. If not, I will endeavour to come up with something else.

    • Lots of us love Paul Lukas so I’m not sure that’s a contrary opinion! 🙂 But I would love to have you as part of our blogathon, so maybe you could talk about some of his more unsung roles, and also about the award backlash? I was trying to avoid opening the floodgates to Oscar quibbling, but one entry along those lines is fine!

      • Why don’t I send you a copy of the article when I’m finished and you can let me know if you think it is suitable for the blogathon?

      • No worries, Patricia, I’ll take it on faith! You’re in! 🙂

  16. Okay. It’s a deal.

  17. Hi! Much as I’d love to lambaste a classic, I think I’d like to advocate for the very silly “Best Foot Forward.” Would that be ok? Beth (Mildred’s Fatburgers)

  18. Greetings, Sister Celluloid, from MovieFanFare. I’m the MFF site administrator, and I’m writing to let you know we’re promoting the blogathon on our site and would like to join in. We do not publish on weekends, but my colleague George (who tried to contact you earlier) will be stepping up on Friday Jan. 16 with his defense of the oft-derided 1941 version of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, starring Spencer Tracy in the title roles. I trust this is all right. Thanks for co-hosting what looks to be an intriguing collection of opinions.

    • Great! I’ll add you to the roster!! And thank you so much for spreading the word! I’ll be publishing a post about the blogathon on January 16, so please ask George to put the link to his story in the comment section of that post. I look forward to reading it!!

  19. CJCLeach here, would love to take part. I’d like to play the iconoclast and really go to town on Gone with the Wind.

    • We had someone doing GWTW and she dropped out, so you’re in luck! You’ re like Ruby Keeler in 42nd Street!! 🙂 Welcome to the iconoclast brigade!!

      • That’s great.I feel the hand of destiny at work!

        Looking forward to it.

  20. May I take Birth of a Nation (anti)? I will argue why this is an unpopular opinion in the post.

    • Interesting “anti”! I look forward to hearing your explanation! Welcome aboard…

  21. It’s me. Back again. I’ve done up my Lukas article and I think it would be more appropriate elsewhere. You are so right about Oscar talk just getting too snippy. How do you feel about my leading the anti-Christmas in Connecticut brigade?

  22. I know I’m a little late to the party, but could I possibly submit a post anti-Doris Day?

    • Jump in! It’s only too late when it’s over!! 🙂

  23. I could do Breakfast at Tiffany’s (anti), or… just saw your tweet and need a few minutes to think. Definitely count me in; I’ll get back to by the end of the evening, okay?

  24. Or if this isn’t too schizy, The Fountainhead. I think it’s hilariously awful, in a fascinating, loathsome, panting sort of way. … Yes, that would be fun.

    • If you read the post, we’re not doing “so bad it’s good” this time around, But bless you for sitting through the whole thing!! Breakfast at Tiffany’s as an anti would be fine, or if there’s a movie that got villified that you genuinely think is good, that would work too…

  25. ‘sokay, I can just do the badness, more than enough of that.

    • But it’s not a popular movie — everyone pretty much agrees it’s awful!! 🙂 So it doesn’t qualify, sadly…

  26. Bette Davis in Mr. Skeffington (pro), or the aforementioned Fountainhead (anti). Sorry to be difficult; when I try to think fast after 8pm it isn’t pretty…

    • Bette Davis in Skeffington would be fine, but you have to also post a picture of yourself in ghoulish white makeup. Only kidding…

  27. Grapes of Wrath (anti)

    • If I may quote Regis Philbin, is that your final answer? 🙂 That one would work fine… 🙂

  28. sorry, didn’t see yr last before posting mine. BD in MS it is…

    • Damn, I was looking forward to The Grapes of Wrath! But you can do Bette if you want…

  29. vcdrt

    Oh man, I knew I’d wake up bursting with ideas, and sure enough… I can stick with Mr. Skeffington, or I would be honored to stick it to Stella Dallas. Again, sorry to be so waffly—I don’t think on my feet so good anymore. If you approve SD, final choice, I promise.

  30. vcdrt


  31. Vienna

    I’ll be posting (The Train Robbers) on Saturday at
    Looking forward to all the entries!

  32. For the blogathon, from MovieMovieBlogBlog: Chaplin’s MONSIEUR VERDOUX (the “anti” view), at

  33. Thank you so much, George!! I’ve created a hotlink to your post. We all look forward to reading it!!


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