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Carole Lombard: A Birthday Tribute

Revisiting a Carole Lombard Birthday Tribute on the anniversary of the plane crash that took her life.

Sister Celluloid

Remembering Carole Lombard on her birthday, through the eyes of some of the many who loved her:

“You can trust that little screwball with your life or your hopes and your weaknesses, and she wouldn’t even know how to think about letting you down. She’s more fun than anybody, but she’ll take a poke at you if you have it coming and make you like it. If that adds up to love, then I love her.” — Clark Gable



“There were many things about Carole that were oh-boy-out-of-this-world wonderful. She was class. She was a good actress, and she always looked great. More important, she had a lot of heart…. When I’m weighing a particularly difficult decision, sometimes I ask myself what Carole would have said, and it helps.” — Lucille Ball


“She was so alive, modern, frank, and natural that she stands out like a beacon on a lightship in…

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