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One of Alan Rickman’s Last Roles Is Saving Lives—And You Can Help

We all woke up to awful, heartbreaking news this morning. Is there anyone who didn’t love this man in something, or ten or twenty things? Reading just some of the tributes from his friends and colleagues, I was struck by how they were so much deeper than the usual “great talent… thoughts and prayers with his family” stuff. Alan Rickman was much more than a brilliant actor; he was a kind, loyal, wonderful man who was deeply loved.

One of the last projects he donated his time and his incredible voice to was a video to aid refugees, but, typically, he does it in a very droll way. And all you need to do to help is to click on it. Obviously if you are in a position to send along a donation to Save the Children or the Refugee Council, that would be great. But just clicking on the video helps. Think of it as your personal tribute to an amazingly gifted, compassionate man who gave so much to his fans and friends, and who left a lasting mark on the world.

If I embed the video, it won’t count as a “view” on YouTube, so here’s the link to paste into your browser:

Please also share the link with your friends.

Godspeed, wonderful Alan. And thank you for everything.


“A film, a piece of theatre, a piece of music or a book can make a difference.
It can change the world.”


  1. Who didn’t enjoy this man’s wit and work…

  2. When I read the news on my laptop that morning, for a minute all I could do was stare. What a shock. He was absolutely a one-of-a-kind talent, and we will all miss him very much (heck, we are already!).

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